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Ryde Congregational Church is a small church located within the Sydney metropolitan area in the suburb of Ryde. Our minister, Reverend Robert Aiken, who has pastored the church for 18 years, is a native-born Northern Irishman and husband to his loving wife Fiona. Our church is also directed by elected male deacons. Regular attendees can apply to become members, and members are called to participate in meetings to discuss and vote upon church matters.

Following in the Congregational way, we are an independent church, but are part of the Fellowship of Congregational Churches (FCC). We also have inter-denominational relationships with other Reformed, Bible-believing churches and ministers in Sydney as well as other parts of the world.

Mission Statement

To promote the whole counsel of God in an environment of reverence and worship, so that God’s people are encouraged in holiness, and sinners brought to repentance and faith, in fulfillment of God’s sovereign and eternal purposes.


Ryde Congregational upholds the Bible as the inspired, infallible Word of God and the authoritative document for each believer’s faith and life. We are trinitarian, affirming the Lord God is One in essence and three in Persons (Father, Son and Holy Spirit). Our doctrinal positions are often referred to as those of Reformed Theology or the Doctrines of Grace. We also affirm that the universe and all life is the direct creation of God.


Our worship services are traditional in the sense that we sing from a hymnbook, with piano or organ as the sole musical instrument. We prefer that attendees wear neat or formal attire, rather than casual wear. Services include the singing of hymns, Scripture reading, announcements, prayer, offering, communion (once a month), the sermon and a benediction. After the service there is the opportunity for fellowship in the adjoining hall with tea or lunch provided.

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