September 2017

With fragile uncertainty we endeavour to hold on to, and protect, the things we love.  World systems fail and crumble around us while the concerns and agitations of our personal environment continue to increase a sense of vulnerability. Bulwarks that once stood tall and unmistakable on the surrounding horizons of morality have been broken down, landmarks that pointed the way to integrity and justice have been removed. We have been swallowed up in the fog of unreliability and the mists of uncertainty. The woes of scripture have become a sad reality as its warnings have fallen upon deaf ears and stubborn hearts. The workplace, the community, the home, have all come under the influence of self adjusted morality. Who can we trust anymore to lead us back to spiritual sanity, or upon whom or what can we rely in our times of need. Even the church has fallen victim to the corruption that is in the world and many of our greatest disappointments have confronted us in the assembly of God’s people. The sanctity of the sanctuary violated by hypocritical advances of a critical and carnal attitude that parades an unsanctified intention to discourage and damage the unity of the saints. Testimony and truth lie fallen in the street but also in the aisles of many of our churches. Can there be a refuge found, will a place of solace and contentment ever be restored?  Listen to the words of the Psalmist who himself had endured all of life’s disillusionments and disappointments “ I to the hills will lift my eyes from whence comes my aid my help comes from the Lord who heaven and earth has made”. We must look to the hill of Calvary where Jesus died and remember that He has taken upon Himself all our sins and our sorrows, and so we cast all our care upon Him knowing that He cares for us.






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