June 2017

While the beloved disciple sat shrouded in the mists of his exiled island home he was lifted above his melancholy when in the Spirit he worshiped on the Lord’s Day. He was paying the price of true loyalty to His Saviour but undaunted by the precarious suggestions of isolation and assault he remained focused upon the goal. As he ponders his environment his heart and mind are elevated to a new world, a place of tranquil beauty and and exquisite grandeur. A place surpassing all human understanding where only angelic eyes could capture the majestic outlines of an eternal world of bliss.  Job sat in the confusing world of utter despair yet was able to keep his eyes firmly fixed upon the prize. The apostle Paul subject of much relentless persecution could write of “The upward call of God in Christ Jesus”. This was the motivation of their labours and inspiration of their hope. Divine revelation will run its course unhurried by our anxious protestations for we may need to sit a little longer in the dark so that at length the light will give a clearer vision of the majesty of God and His unwavering purpose. The mountain track may wind it’s way with agonizing intensity up the steep and rugged terrain reaching as if to burst through the clouds and unveil it’s hidden treasures. Our knees may tremble and every muscle in our bodies groan with every step we take yet when at last we stand above the clouds and take in the vista of God’s minutely detailed handiwork we are reminded that ultimately our God who knows us best continues to silently plan for us in love and one day He will wipe away every tear from our eye so that with unblemished vision we will understand the hitherto unrevealed mysteries of the Father’s will.




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