Ryde Church Hall FrontWelcome to Ryde Congregational Church

For more than four centuries godly men have pursued the Congregational way, a way which is Reformed, Puritan and Evangelical. Ryde church is part of that way. As such she is a mainstream church with a sense of history. She is also an evangelical church with a vision for the future. Ryde church continues to embrace the four main expressions of Reformation theology: Scripture alone, Christ alone, Grace alone and Faith alone.

The essence of the Congregational church is the honour of Christ.

We are a unique body of believers located in the geographic hub of Sydney who come together from all over Sydney. The attraction being a Christ centred, uncompromising Bible-based ministry of the Word of Life, together with the warmth of true Christian fellowship.


We have launched a new, more comprehensive website – www.rydecongregational.church

Bible Conference 2013 Ryde Congregational



  • 09:00 AM Prayer time
  • 09:30 AM Session 1 “Receiving the Word” James 1:21
  • 11:00 AM Morning Tea
  • 11:30 AM Session 2 “Facing Trials in Life” James 1:2-4


  • 09:45 AM Prayer Time
  • 10:30 AM Session 3 “Resisting Worldliness” James 4:1-6
  • 12:00 PM Lunch in the Hall
  • 01:30 PM Session 4 “Genuine Faith” James 2:14-26


For more information contact Doug Sneddon Ph: (02)9869-1453, E-mail: ddsneddon@bigpond.com

Pastor Bala’s background:

Pastor Bala is the Minister at the Sovereign Grace Baptist Church in Auckland New Zealand. His first Mission trip was to India in 1990 that marked the beginning of his church’s mission involvement in several Asian Countries. Since then he has made several trips each year to these countries ministering particularly among the Tamil People of Sri Lanka and India. He is the editor of an evangelistic outreach publication known as “Bible Lamp” that was set up essentially to serve these people.